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  • Limited Edition Hardbound Complete Denny Caraway Book Series - Order Now!

    Limited Edition Hardbound Complete Denny Caraway Book Series - Order Now!

    This Limited Editions Includes: Trails, The Last Homestead, and Wilderness Reckoning in one beautifully hardbound book. Only 50 of 100 Copies Left.  Limit 2 per customer. Order Now Read More
  • Mike In The Woods

    Mike In The Woods

    A nine-year-old boy living in Alaska loves nature, and decides, since his dad won't take him for a walk in the forest next to their home, he'll have to go on his own—that's just what he does—forgetting he's just a little boy, after all. After enjoying being in the wilds, he finds himself completely lost, until a very special bear comes and takes him for a remarkable tour of the forest. They meet different animals Read More
  • Beaumont's Journey

    Beaumont's Journey

    The latest wilderness adventure book from Warren Troy, full of the exciting adventures that are daily fare in the Alaska bush. Extreme weather, hungry wolves, bad men and the dangers of war; Walter Beaumont takes them all in stride. Hunter, trapper and tracker, he is ready for whatever comes. Walter Beaumont, a nature-loving Midwestern teenager, has his destiny handed to him on a silver platter when his uncle invites him to come live in Alaska Read More
  • Trails - Caraway Series # 1

    Trails - Caraway Series # 1

    Can a middle-aged urban dwelling man survive on his own in the Alaska wilderness? Denny Caraway is going to find out. Casting off city life that has become completely unsatisfying--that is killing his spirit--he journeys north to become a homesteader in the Alaska bush. Denny is pushed to his limits, physically and spiritually, while carving out a life in the trees, experiencing daily adventures that could end his life if he doesn't make the right Read More
  • The Last Homestead - Caraway Series # 2

    The Last Homestead - Caraway Series # 2

    Warren Troy, Alaska wilderness adventure author, continues the Alaska homestead adventures of Denny Caraway. Caraway, long time Alaskan homesteader, is content to live a solitary, rugged and often dangerous life deep in the northern wilderness. After many years alone, however, loneliness causes him to seek companionship on his remote land and he reconnects with a former friend and lover who is willing to share his isolated life. Denny’s world is full and complete until tragedy Read More
  • Wilderness Reckoning - Caraway Series # 3

    Wilderness Reckoning - Caraway Series # 3

    Denny Caraway, Alaskan homesteader, returns to his Lanyard Creek cabin after many months living a meager, primitive life deep in the Alaskan wilderness, following his beloved wife's death, which had filled him with overwhelming pain and anger. It almost proves his end, until a loyal friend finds him and acts as a sign for Caraway to come home. Rejoining the small circle of people he had left behind, their love and support serve to renew Read More
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